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cover story
Rudolf Hess’s Mystery Mission
What was really behind the deputy führer’s
1941 peace mission to Britain?
By Peter Padfield

Avalanche in Italy
In the Allied invasion of Salerno,
neither side got what it wanted
By Robert M. Citino

First Strike
This scheme to firebomb Japan before
the war met with high-powered approval
By Duane Schultz

FDR’s China Syndrome
The president’s romantic view of the Asian
giant led him—and wartime policy—astray
By Joseph E. Persico

weapons manual
Hitler’s Saw
The MG42 machine gun killed more
Allied soldiers than any other weapon
By Jim Laurier

Soviet Propaganda
A trove of hand-painted posters
makes art of persuasion
By Aleta Burchyski



World War II Today
Antony Beevor’s Reading List

Jean Edward Smith
on why he likes Ike
By Gene Santoro

War Letters

An American witness describes
atrocities in Nanking, China
By Andrew Carroll

Their Darkest Hour
A Soviet counterintelligence
officer explains why killing was easy
By Laurence Rees

Time Travel
By Gene Santoro

Filming evidence for Nuremberg
China’s Wings
Someone Talked!

What If…
…the Germans had
captured Moscow?
By Mark Grimsley

Making do with
A Walk in the Sun