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Raw Courage
The 82nd Airborne’s Jumpin’ Jim Gavin
never asked his men to do something
he wouldn’t do himself
By Carlo D’Este

A Mine Sweeper’s Journey
An American sailor helps defuse
Japan’s waters after the surrender
By H. G. Jones


War Quilts
Heirlooms from a different
sort of scrap drive

Countdown to the Doolittle Raid
The frantic rush to prepare men
and planes for the legendary 1942 attack
By Ronald H. Bailey and Susan Zimmerman

Weapons Manual
The German Schnellboot
The deadliest torpedo boat
By Jim Laurier



World War II Today
Alex Kershaw’s Reading List

Bringing to light the tragic story
of Italian troops on the Eastern Front
By Gene Santoro

Unknown Soldier
Photographer Edward Steichen
By Stephen Budiansky

War Letters
A Navy medic describes a
kamikaze’s gruesome handiwork
By Andrew Carroll

Time Travel
By Peter Bennett

What If…
The Dieppe raid had succeeded?
By Mark Grimsley



Brothers, Rivals, Victors by Jonathan W. Jordan

The Age of Airpower by Martin van Creveld

Men of War: Assault Squad computer game