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cover story
Sundown at Torpedo Junction
Japan’s submarines wreaked havoc
early in the Pacific War, until
rigid doctrine dragged them down.
By John Prados

Iron Man

General Matthew Ridgway had the
unblinking courage needed to lead
American paratroopers by example
By Carlo D’Este

Defiance of the Lambs

In Hitler’s Germany protest could be deadly,
but a radio star’s mail bag offered a
clandestine outlet for complaint
By Brad Bauer

Time Pieces
What endless hours
and busy hand wrought

Kneeling to Neptune
Before he could prove himself in combat,
a young Marine had to cross a notorious line
By Sterling Mace, with Nick Allen

weapons manual
Germany’s He 111 Medium Bomber
Versatility and sheer need kept a workhorse
in the air long after it should have retired
By Jim Laurier



World War II Today

Author Matthew Brzezinski on
Warsaw’s youthful Nazi hunter
By Gene Santoro

War Letters

A young pilot—and future
presidential candidate—offers
unexpected political views
By Andrew Carroll

Their Darkest Hour
How love and hope sent a
young Russian mother to the gulag
By Laurence Rees

Time Travel
Dan Carlinsky

The Liberator

What If…
…the Omaha Beach landing
had failed?
By Mark Grimsley

Whose pants?