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cover story
The Midway Edge
The American victory had more to do with gutsy
leaders than lucky breaks
By Craig L. Symonds

The Other Patton
Ernie Harmon commanded two armored
divisions during the war, leading them to victory
in Tunisia, Anzio, and the Ardennes
By Carlo D’Este

His Great Escape

An artist held prisoner by the Germans captured
the pain and peril of life at Stalag Luft III

A veteran of an elite Marine unit tells of
developing the Navajo code, and proving its worth at Guadalcanal
By Chester Nez, with Judith Shiess Avila

weapons manual
Stalin’s Armored Fist
The T-34/76 medium tank was the
most important tank of the war
By Jim Laurier

Mystery of the London Cage
Did interrogators at a secret British facility
go too far in extracting information from
German POWs?
By Mark Felton



World War II Today
Jim Cramer’s Readling List

Growing up in Nazi Germany
By Gene Santoro

War Letters

A deserter begs Eisenhower
to spare his life

Unknown Soldiers
Wing man John Stack
By Stephen Budiansky

Time Travel
Hong Kong
By John D. Lukacs

Be a Hero of Stalingrad
Keep from All Thoughtful Men
Attack on Pearl Harbor

What If…
…the Germans Developed
the Atomic Bomb?
By Mark Grimsley

Shadowy figures on the loose in Germany