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World War II Conversations

1/29/2009 • Interviews, World War II Conversations

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  1. amy says:

    hi, your bravery & sacrifice is unbelievable, i can’t imagine what ya’ll were feeling.
    I do have 1 request, my uncle, John F. White, USMC from Pittsburgh, PA was @ Okinawa from 8/17/44-5/1/45. He was injured in Okinawa, shot on 4/16 & sent to Philly Naval Hospital for over a year.
    Unfortunately he died in ’82 & I was too young to ask him what he went through.
    In 2002, his widow went into a personal care home & I received his Purple Heart, Chevrons & photographs. The photos have me puzzled. They are black & white & have USMC stamped on them, including 1 with Admiral Nimitz.
    How does a Sergeant get these pictures??
    I realize ya’ll are inti your 80’s, but PLEASE, somebody contact me at
    thank ya’ll for the ultimate sacrifice
    Amy, niece of John F White 511842 USMC

  2. Rod Vesci says:

    Can anyone tell me who it was in conversation and to whom he said it to in a post world war 2 conversation, that no country would dare try to invade american shores because of its free and armed people.I think they were siting on a park bench talking about the outcome of the war. Thank You

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