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Cover Story
Geronimo’s Gunfighter Attitude
By Louis Kraft
His survival skills had kept him alive, but by the 1880s the Apache leader was a wanted man and quick to reach for a gun in a standoff

Certain Death in Doubtful Canyon
By Doug Hocking and Carol A. Markstrom
Blessed with good graze and water, this Arizona–New Mexico pass drew travelers of every stripe—and was the scene of much violence

Ghosts Busted at Sand Creek
By Gregory Michno
Whether one deems the tragic 1864 clash a battle or a massacre, reported ghosts on-site may be haunting the wrong spot

Heart of Lightness
By John Koster
Kindhearted frontier guide Henri Chatillon introduced Francis Parkman to the West and the Lakota Sioux, forever changing the historian’s outlook

Justice in Tombstone
By Bob Palmquist
Justice of the Peace Wells Spicer judged the Earps and Doc Holliday at the post-gunfight hearing and also confronted Arizona Territory townsite manipulators

ON THE COVER: Howard Terpning’s Legend of Geronimo captures the defiant spirit of the Apache leader, who sometimes faced down but often simply eluded his pursuers in the U.S. Southwest and Mexico. (© Howard Terpning, © The Greenwich Workshop Inc., Seymour, Conn.)



Editor’s Letter



By Johnny D. Boggs
Larry Ball’s new biography recounts the elusive truth behind the life and death of Tom Horn, Apache wars packer/scout and controversial Wyoming range detective

Victor Grant “Yellowstone Vic” Smith poses with a favorite Model 1873 Winchester

Gunfighters and Lawmen
By Doug Dukes
Austin City Marshal Ben Thompson came to collect a fugitive but arrested a female deputy

Pioneers and Settlers
By Deanna Lee Kerr
Lucy Stoddard made plenty of dough baking pies in Hangtown, Calif., before and after her divorce

Western Enterprise
By Jim Pettengill
The Cow-Boy Band brought its brassy mix of music to places like Dodge City, Kan., and Pueblo, Colo.

Art of the West
By Johnny D. Boggs
Walter Ufer flourished in the artist colony of Taos, N.M., capturing the landscape and everyday Indian life

Indian Life
By John Koster
When Chiefs Smoke and Bull Bear split forces, their people became the Oglalas (Scatter One’s Own)

Ghost Towns
By Kellen Cutsforth
One of five known black settlements in Colorado, The Dry sprang from the dust, then blew in the wind

By Linda Wommack
King Ranch welcomes visitors to its sizable spread and also to its museum in Kingsville, Texas

Guns of the West
By Jerry D. Powell
When John Colt stood trial for a murder he did commit, brother Sam put on a lively gun demonstration on his behalf

Bob Palmquist profiles the best books and movies about Tombstone and Justice Wells Spicer. Plus reviews of recent books and the 2015 Western Slow West

Go West!
Blazing trails in the Sonoran Desert



When Wynkoop Was Sheriff
Louis Kraft, who profiles Geronimo in this issue, has also written books and articles about the man who most objected to the Sand Creek attack—Ned Wynkoop. This award-winning article covers Wynkoop’s earlier career

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