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What if Harald Sigurdsson had won at Stamford Bridge?

8/26/2008 • Military History Extra

How would the history of England have been altered if Harald Sigurdsson, called Harald Hardrada, had won at Stamford Bridge and gone on to confront William II, Duke of Normandy?

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  1. Marianne Clark says:

    If Harald Hardrada had been victorious at Stamford Bridge, the outcome to England would have been the same. Tired and bloodied from a vicious fight, just as King Harold Godwinson was, Harald and Tostig would have made the long march to meet William the ?Bastard at Hastings. The only change would have been if William the Bastard was willing to cleave England in to three pieces. The North for Harald, East for Tostig, and the South for himself. Under this scenario, the three kingdoms would have developed along different lines, but eventually would have clashed in battle, just as England did with Scotland and Wales. One faction would have emerged victorious. This battle would not have happened until Henry I became ruler as the three sons of William were busy arguing and battling over England after the Bastard died.

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