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What do you think about the royal wedding in 2011?

4/29/2011 • History Questions - Discuss Daily History Questions And Answers

What do you think about the royal wedding in 2011?

16 Responses to What do you think about the royal wedding in 2011?

  1. Robert Taubman says:

    I think it is a wonderful celebration. Something to take away the doom and gloom for at least a day. Cheers and best wishes to the bride and groom.

  2. JNT says:

    I have no interest in this event. The gloom and crisis remain the matter what. The amount of money spent while, not so far away, too many people are starving is indecent. I like William and Kate as human beings, not as monarchs.

    • Robert Taubman says:

      It was a wonderful wedding. I like Kate and Wills as monarchs as well as human beings. But I live in Canada which is a constitional monarchy, where the Queen is head of state. Estimates of costs for the wedding ” hover at between $50million to $80million.” Chelsea Clinton’s wedding was $5 million in comparison. Both are less than some CEO’s make:
      LCAPA LIBERTY MEDIA CORP Gregory B. Maffei 2009 $87,493,565
      VIA.B VIACOM INC Philippe P. Dauman 2010 $84,515,308
      OXY OCCIDENTAL PETROLEUM CORP Ray R. Irani 2010 $76,107,010
      ORCL ORACLE CORP Lawrence J. Ellison $2010 70,143,075

      And with people starving, it all seems a bit excessive, doesn’t it.

      • Shooter1001 says:

        No it doesn’t seem excessive! Was the money stolen or as the result of some fraud? Then the money can be spent as its owner chooses! And if CEO salaries were to be capped at $5 million and the amount that presumably some government body would forcibly take the overage and send it to the starving Bangla Deshis and Ugandans, then what? In your example this would be approx 285 million $$$. Much of that would end up in Swiss accounts before it ever saw a third world country. Then the administrators of the $$$ would have their conferences in NYC and Paris and London where even more would be spent on whores and little boys and lavish banquets. And all of the companies you mention will be mismanaged by underpaid third rate idiots and probably cost third world jobs. Redistribution doesn’t work! Feels good but it don’t f’n work!
        If the Brits want a monarchy and are willing to pay for it, fine with me! If I were a Brit I’d vote for Harry for king. William is a twit like his father. OH, you don’t vote for king? How do you become king then?

    • Jannat ali says:

      Yeah i totally agree with u

  3. Robert K says:

    The monarchy, through good and bad, has stood for nearly a thousand years. This institution is the heart and soul of the British people. It is a priceless tradition that must be perpetuated. God save the Queen, William and Kathryn !

  4. Grumpy says:

    What royal wedding?

    • Joe Valliant says:

      Egad! What a crabby old git! It was great fun to see a couple of nice kids get married, and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I wish I knew more about the customs, traditions, accoutrements and uniforms on display, but I’m just a colonial, so I have to be content with being dazzled by the splendid show that only the Brits seem to know how to carry off. Kate, or Her Grace, as I suppose we must call her now, blew my socks off when she came out onto the balcony, saw all the well-wishers and said : “Oh, wow!” Blase she’s not, and I get a kick out of seeing her pushing her own shopping cart when she’s at home as Mrs. Wales in Wales. Good luck and all the best to them; they’ve got a tough row to hoe and they seem to understand how to do it with grace.

  5. Mike says:

    Funny, we spent blood and treasure to get away from this monarchy, both in the Revolution and again in 1812-1815, and almost got into it again during the War of Northern Aggression. Today, the bulk of the Brits do not like our culture, just listen to a typical report from London about any USA problem, and yet our media feels like the country just has to know about a royal wedding. Maybe they feel that way in New York, but belive me, people in fly over country could give a flip.

    • Jim says:

      Silly rebel-type person, Ft. Sumter was U.S. property occupied by U.S. military. It was Southern aggression that started the conflict!

  6. Jenny says:

    A year later, it was still nice to watch a re-run of the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. The security detail was the only part the British people paid, the rest by the Queen, Prince of Wales, the Middletons. William and Catherine put a great deal of thought and planning into the ceremony, writing a prayer said aloud, selecting Bible verses, Selecting the music, and a moet composed for them sung by the choir (which was fabulous). Of all the royal weddings (we didn’t see Prince Edward’s at Windsor), this had the most religious “feel” to it.
    Yes, the dress was fabulous, so was Catherine. And the Queen looked lovely in yellow, she should wear it more often. Getting to drive off in Dad’s antique James Bond car must have been the icing on the cake. He certainly smiled ear to ear.
    Whether you like the Brits or the royals or not, there’s no need to rain on the parade of a young prince who has grown up with more than his share of personal and public grief. Just smile for him & his bride.

  7. Richard says:

    It seems bizarre to me that the british don`t lynch the royal family that robbed and oppressed them for generations.

  8. Robert Kapanjie says:

    The British people do not lynch their monarchs. If you want a lynching send for the KKK. The crown is a constitutional monarchy. The British people by and large are supportive of the Royals or at least are indifferent. An absolute monarchy is the type that tyrannizes and represses its people. They’re too many examples in the history of this sad world, one that instantly comes to mind is the French Bourbon monarchy. Louis the 16 th was not lynched but he did lose his head to the guillotine , thanks to the sans culotte.

  9. lyndon says:

    The pageantry was simply out of this word.
    It is just what we need as an antidote to this dreary American Presidential campaign.
    Long live Britannia.

  10. John C says:

    What do I think about it? I don’t think about it.

  11. Nova9047 says:

    I much preferred the cartoon wedding of Anastasia and Dimetri.

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