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Strategic Command: Assault on Communism

Strategic Command: Assault on Communism new expansion to Command: WWII Global Strategic, a Conflict, covers the 1941-45 German-Soviet war in Russia. Players can choose to fight a specific campaign like the Germans’ 1941 push to Moscow, a “what-if” campaign in which Japan invades Siberia, or the entire East Front war. The versatile, turn-based game engine handles each of these challenges well.

A simple movement and combat system of well-integrated land, air and sea actions makes the game fast-paced and easy to play. The focus is on capturing cities and controlling the rail grid, essential for supplying forces across Russia’s vastness. The level of complexity is ramped up in the grand campaigns, as players must plan their nation’s military research and development as well as force structure efforts. In every scenario, the artificial intelligence challenges gamers and keeps them on their toes.

While Strategic Command: Assault on Communism is not strictly historical, it does accurately re-create the key factors and essence of the brutal war in Russia. Those looking for an accessible and exciting game on the war in the East will relish playing it.

Combat Mission: Gustav Line

Combat Mission: Gustav Line puts players in command of individual vehicles and teams of men fighting engagements that typify the Allies’ torturous slog up the “boot” of Italy during World War II. The game features operations like Salerno and Monte Cassino and introduces new forces, including German paratroopers and the Free Polish, and new equipment such as the formidable Sturmpanzer Brummbar.

The artificial intelligence embedded in each unit is key to the game’s historically accurate depiction of combat. When under fire, the men react in a convincing manner, taking cover, returning fire, running away or acting heroically, depending on the circumstances. The gameplay is complex and challenging, as every relevant factor is taken into account. Sound tactics as well as good timing are required to achieve victory.

The Combat Mission 2.0 game engine re-creates World War II tactical combat in a realistic 3-D environment better than any other wargame. For those addicted to the drama and challenge of the Combat Mission series, Gustav Line is a must-have.


 Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Jeffrey Paulding is a lifelong student of military history and science. He has been playing wargames since he was a child.

Originally published in the January 2014 issue of Armchair General.