A Valley Soaked in Rain & Blood
In Operation Delaware, the Air Force kept the 1st Cavalry Division alive
with its C-130 resupply missions, flown in horrendous weather.
By Mike D. Shepherd

[Listen to radio interviews with Mike Shepherd and 1st Cav]

Slaying the Dragon
A North Vietnamese bridge was so tough
that it took a new generation of bombs to wipe it out.
By Don Hollway

I’m Not Alone Down Here
U.S. Army tunnel rats found themselves in a tight spot
searching deep underground for the enemy.

Are We Coming in Clear?
In 1965 U.S. Navy aircraft brought television to Vietnam for the first time.
By Rick Fredericksen

‘Short Road to Hell’
South Vietnamese leader Nguyen Van Thieu butted heads
with two U.S. presidents over his positions during peace talks.
By George J. Veith



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