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Vietnam Nov/Dec 2015 Table of Contents

10/1/2015 • Vietnam Magazine


What Makes A War Hero
A Vietnam veteran and noted author reflects on
the unique characteristics of true heroism.

By Karl Marlantes

Shootout at LZ Albany
After a surprise attack at the Battle of Ia Drang, 7th Cavalry forces
fought hard on the ground and in the air to escape destruction.
By Dan Reed

Home For The Holidays
Troops did what they could to make the war zone
look like home during the holidays.

Water Warriors
Speedy Navy patrol boats went gunning for
the Viet Cong on South Vietnam’s rivers and canals
By David Sears

Torn Nation
Conservatives in the Nixon years tapped patriotic sentiment–
and big-name stars–to help them counteract antiwar protesters.
By Sandra Scanlon



Editor’s Notebook
When the War Really Began

Readers’ comments via letters, email and Facebook

News and contemporary issues related to the war and Vietnam

Peter Prichard, an Army intelligence analyst who became a prominent journalist.

November-December 1965

AH-1 Huey Cobra Gunship

HistoryNet Reader
Short excerpts from our sister magazines

Media Digest
Nixon’s Nuclear Specter; American Reckoning

Left at the Wall

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