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Last Stand at Landing Zone Hereford
During Operation Crazy Horse in May 1966, a decision to leave a mortar platoon alone on a vulnerable patch of ground sealed the fate of its men
By Michael Christy

When Psywar Went So Wrong
A long-running psychological warfare battle over an alleged Viet Cong martyr grew to resemble MAD magazine’s “Spy vs. Spy”
By Don North

Horst Faas: An Appreciation
The late photographer won his first of two Pulitzer Prizes for his work in Vietnam in 1964
By Hal Buell

An Autopsy of War
A doctor’s stint in the bush reveals to him the grunts’ reality, why they say “it don’t mean nuthin’” and
worship the god DEROS
By John A. Parrish, M.D.

On the Nose: Helicopter Art
John Brennan’s amazing collection of artwork that graced Vietnam War helicopters is a real eye-opener

Esper and Ut Ride Again
Long after the war, the AP’s George Esper and Nick Ut turned up another scoop in Vietnam
By Bill Jordan


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