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Subscribe to Vietnam magazine today!Circling the Wagons in Saigon
In the early hours of Tet, MPs—alongside a diverse collection of “cooks, bakers and candlestick makers”—thwarted a catastrophic military defeat in Saigon
By Rod Paschall

Tet In the Mind’s Eye
Combat vets, photographers and journalists and the images that mean “Tet” to them

War for Peace
Peace talks, interrupted by ferocious Yuletide bombing, epitomized the byzantine and often bizarre maneuverings that allowed the United States to find a way out of Vietnam
By Lien-Hang T. Nguyen

When Pigs Fly
Five unlikely passengers add a surprising, and nearly fatal, twist to a mundane chopper flight
By Odon L. Bacque Jr.

Lightning Bug War Over North Vietnam
A top-secret, highly successful and still unheralded program in Vietnam presaged today’s drone victories in the war on terror
By Carl O. Schuster

Farewell to CSM Basil Plumley
The three-war veteran’s Ia Drang exploits are the stuff of legend
By Joseph L. Galloway


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