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Table of Contents – December 2011 Vietnam magazine

11/10/2011 • VIET Issues


Air Cav Strikes Deep into Song Re Valley
by Paul Hart
At first eager for action in unfamiliar territory, Charlie Troop
was glad to leave Song Re after two tough weeks in August 1967

Eyewitness at LZ X-Ray WEB ONLY

Drawings by Bill Beck

Bill Beck’s never-before-published sketches vividly convey the horror and heroism
that was exhibited on the ground at LZ X-Ray in the Ia Drang Valley in early
November 1965

Ghosts of Ia Drang
by David T. Zabecki

The death of 2nd Lt. Jack Geoghegan at Ia Drang in 1965 reverberated through the halls of
Pennsylvania Military College and the lives of its cadets

Case of the Mysterious Lob Bomb
by Stanley Cherrie
Protecting the drawdown of U.S. troops in 1971, a cavalry squadron was hit with a
puzzling—and terrifying—enemy tactic

The Truth About Lies in Vietnam
by Karl Marlantes

In an excerpt from his acclaimed new book What It Is Like to Go to War, Navy Cross recipient
Karl Marlantes contends that it isn’t so easy to just say lying is wrong. Sometimes lying is right


Letters from Readers


Lt. Gen. Ron Christmas: From Quantico to Hue City, and back

Before the AK: The NVA’s K-50M submachine gun

What was happening at home in November/December 1965

My War
U.S. Navy Corpsman Andrew W. Thundercloud

Letter From Vietnam magazine


Haunting Legacy, by Marvin Kalb and Debra Kalb

Broken Bodies, Shattered Minds, by Ronald J. Glasser

The 14-Hour War: Valor on Koh Tang and the Recapture of the SS Mayaguez, by James E. Wise Jr. and Scott Baron

In the Company of Marines: A Surgeon Remembers Vietnam, by James O. Finnegan, M.D.

F-100 Super Sabre Units of the Vietnam War, by Peter E. Davies and David W. Menard

Left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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