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Chopper Surgeon, Door Gunner
When Lyle “Doc” Parker wasn’t tending to the physical and mental health needs of the pilots and crews of the 188th Helicopter Assault Company, he was often manning a door gun on an air assault mission
By Harold Ellithorpe


A Day in the Life of a Chopper Surgeon
A selection of photos taken at LZ Sally in June 1968 offer a glimpse into the daily activities of young “Doc” Parker
Photos by Paul Stephanus

Kimo Williams: Are You Experienced
Inspired by Jimi Hendrix and shaped by his in-country experiences, Kimo Williams became a boundless musical innovator who continues to work on behalf of vets from the Vietnam War and beyond
By Rick Fredericksen

Suicide Charlie Hits a Wall of Steel
A storied Marine rifle company’s mission impossible against an over-whelming enemy force—and ghastly friendly errors
By Nicholas Warr

Misread Signals, Lost Opportunities
Fresh insights—culled from the intelligence archives of the United States and North Vietnam—provide new perspective on the genesis of a flawed trategy 50 years ago
By Karl Lowe



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