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Dark Clouds Over Junction City
In the war’s biggest operation, including the largest paratroop jump since World War II, William Westmoreland won his “big-unit” Operation Junction City but lost confidence that the war could be won    By Rod Paschall

Hearts, Minds and Herbicides
Long before Agent Orange supplanted Agents Blue, Purple and Pink, the Kennedy administration grappled with the moral and political dilemmas associated with defoliation and crop destruction in Vietnam   By Edwin A. Martini

Portfolio: Saigon ’66
In search of answers, Thomas Wonderly Johnson found them as he tended to the dying at 3rd Field Hospital and captured the living with his camera

Re-Banding the Brothers
The social media revolution has been a godsend for pulling scattered bands of brothers, forged long ago in Vietnam, back together again    By Michael B. Christy

Weasel vs SAMs Over Dong Hoi
One 1968 mission displayed how the Wild Weasels’ convergence of courage and technology beat the deadliest threat to U.S. air power   By Warren E. Thompson


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Letters from Readers

News  Kerry, Hagel tapped by Obama; Education Center breaks ground; PTSD lawsuit

Interview   Lien-Hang T. Nguyen and her revealing insights into Hanoi’s leaders

Homefront   March-April 1964

My War  Air Force SAC Major William L. Doyle Jr.

Letter from Vietnam

Arsenal   North Vietnam’s 152mm howitzer

Reviews Hanoi’s War; The M-60 Machine Gun

Offerings Left at The Wall