Chewing Up Charlie in the Renegade Woods
By Howard Landon “Dutch” McAllister

In a combined arms tour de force led by Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer III,
the Wolfhounds won a grisly fight

Uncle Sam’s Flying Fire Trucks
By J. David Truby
U.S. Forest Service adaptations of helicopters to fight huge forest fires in 1967
proved to be highly effective in Vietnam

The Napalm Girl
By Hal Buell
The saga of Kim Phuc will forever be a clarion to the consequences of war
and the resilience of the human spirit

When the Die Was Cast
By Warren Wilkins
In 1966, Hanoi held fast to its “big-unit war” strategy in the hope it could deliver
a decisive military blow to its enemies

Requiem for a Vietnam War Reporter
By Don North

George Esper covered the war from 1965 to its end, even as North Vietnamese
soldiers shuttered his Saigon bureau

Going Home
By Bud Willis

Just as he’d done on hundreds of medevac missions, this Huey pilot tried to not look back
when he left the war


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