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Air Cav: How Soldiers in the Sky Reshaped the Battlefield
Adapting age-old principles of traditional cavalry to the new capabilities of the helicopter created an unprecedented fighting force
By Joseph Abodeely

EXCERPT   The Boys of ’67: Vietnam’s Band of Brothers
The 160 men of Charlie Company trained together for a year before combat in the Mekong Delta. Only 30 returned unscathed
By Andrew Wiest

Reflections on The Wall at 30
Vietnam Veterans Memorial’s improbable history and immeasurable impact

A Veteran Ventures Inside the Vault
Visiting the facility that holds some 300,000 items left at The Wall, a Vietnam veteran is stirred by hard memories and deep emotions
By Don Hirst

Getting in at the Grassroots
The 50th Anniversary Commemoration’s mission to share veterans’ stories

Portfolio: The Beat Goes On
Among thousands of images Army photographer Tom Lykens captured in-country, his favorites were of everyday people carrying on in the midst of war

A Walk in Their Boots
In an interdisciplinary educational experiment, the battle of LZ Albany comes to life and students gain keen insights into soldiers and war
By Dan Reed


Letters From Readers


Arsenal CH-46F Sea Knight: the “Phrog”

My War Navy Petty Officer Ken McGwin

Interview Former Sen. Chuck Hagel

Homefront November–December 1962

Letter From Vietnam magazine


Nationalist in the Viet Nam Wars: Memoirs of a Victim Turned Soldier, by Nguyen Cong Luan

Honor Denied: The Truth About Air America and the CIA, by Allen Cates

Offerings  Left at The Wall