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Search and Destroy in the Iron Triangle
In January 1967, William Westmoreland launched his first multidivision
operation, dubbed Cedar Falls, to clear a Viet Cong command and
logistical complex
By Rod Paschall

Travels Against Charlie
American literary legend John Steinbeck’s last published work was a series
of columns written while on a risky assignment as a war correspondent
in Vietnam
By John Steinbeck

To Forget the War, I Took Pictures
Former infantryman James Logue rediscovered his collection of stunning photographs more
than 30 years after taking them—many during savage fighting near Hiep Duc in May 1970
By James Allen Logue

Pedal Power
Easy to maintain, silent in movement and able to bear great loads, the humble bicycle proved to
be a critical and unstoppable weapon in the 30-year Indochina war
By Arnold Blumberg

Who Are the Bad Guys?
In the midst of deathly violence, humanity could prevail even among enemies
By Ray Pezzoli Jr.

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