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Cover Story
Rescue in Death Valley
By Richard Camp

In early March 1966, the men at A Shau Special Forces Camp were surrounded and desperate, and Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 163 – the Evil Eyes – was their last hope

A Terrible Beauty
Photos by Don McCullin
The searing photos of one of the Vietnam War’s, and the 20th century’s, greatest photojournalists

The Cadaver Connection
By Charles H. Lutz

A Vietnam veteran and drug enforcement agent answers the question of whether heroin was
smuggled into the United States in the coffins and cadavers of GIs killed in Vietnam

Donut Dollies Dodging Bullets
By Joann Puffer Kotcher
Two Red Cross volunteers discovered a whole new meaning of Thanksgiving in the jungle of Vietnam in 1966

God Bless America in Vietnam
By Hardy William Bryant III
In a logistics officer’s mundane quest for supplies, he stumbles upon goodwill and true heroes

Letters from Readers


North Vietnam’s mighty M-43 122mm mortar

Wesley Fox: Leadership steeled in combat, from Korea to Vietnam

What was happening at home in March/April 1971

Letter from Vietnam magazine


DVD Vietnam in HD, by Lou Reed Productions

Blackhorse Riders: A Desperate Stand, An Extraordinary Rescue Mission, by Philip Keith

Vietnam Gun Trucks, by Gordon L. Rottman

Left at the Vietnam Wall