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Vet Spotlight – Daryl Paulson

11/26/2012 • Vietnam First Person, Vietnam War

"We just built a new facility and moved into it in May 2012."
"We just built a new facility and moved into it in May 2012."
Daryl Paulson

Age: 64
Hometown: Bozeman, Mont.
Career: President and CEO, BioScience Laboratories, Inc.
In-country: July 1968-Aug. 1969

In 1991 Daryl S. Paulson, Ph.D., started BioScience Laboratories, Inc., a small antimicrobial product testing firm that now employs 60 people and does business globally. Paulson also has a welding shop and has created a multitude of metal sculptures for public art spaces in Bozeman. Sgt. Paulson served in the 5th Marine Regiment during Operation Taylor Common to clear the An Hoa basin. Shocked by the way vets were treated following the war, he became depressed and suicidal and left college. Thanks to a psychotherapist who worked with him, he quit drinking, returned to school, got his master’s degree in medical microbiology, along with a doctorate in psychology, and started his own biological lab. The author of several books, including two on PTSD, Paulson gives back to his community by supporting youth and veterans programs. His book Walking the Point: Male Initiation and The Vietnam Experience is a powerful account of how PTSD healing can occur only when one begins to examine his life authentically and begins to trust himself again.


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  1. Don McCarty says:

    have been having problems with PTSD for 40 something years..and didn’t look for help from the VA. until agent orange kicked my butt. that’s another story in it’s self..but working now trying to find peace.. l have a great group of Veteran’s” just like me to draw support.. still can’t get out of my mine why are country turn there backs on us…. Don McCarty.Newark Ohio

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