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Two related questions, please:

1.  Can you give me an estimate of the number of Europeans who set foot on the land that now stretches from Florida to Maine during the period 1492 – 1607;  that is, how many explorers set foot in that land prior to the first colony?

2.  Can you direct me to a list of all voyages made to the Americas from Europe during the period 1492- 1607?



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Dear Mr. Weymann,

The attached listing should cover all of the voyages you seek, although you’ll have to pick them out of other European explorations of the time, all around the world. Other references, however, have tended to be sparser on detail. Floridian voyages are included, although you would have been more specifically answered by any of a number of Floridian historic societies last year, as the state marked the 500th anniversary of its discovery by the Spanish.



Jon Guttman
Research Director
World History Group
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