What happened on your birthday?

What’s Your Vietnam War Draft Lottery Number?

The Vietnam War draft lottery ran from 1969 to 1972. If you were born on September 20, would your number have been called?

  • Vietnam War 1969 Lottery
  • Vietnam War 1970 Lottery
    Not CalledNot drafted
  • Vietnam War 1971 Lottery
    Not CalledNot drafted
  • Vietnam War 1972 Lottery
    Not CalledNot drafted

Read on to learn more about the Vietnam war draft lottery.

more events on September 20

  • 2011

    US military ends its “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy and allows gay men and women to serve openly.

  • 2008

    A truck loaded with explosives detonates by Marriott hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan, killing 45 and injuring 226.

  • 2001

    US Pres. George W. Bush, addressing a joint session of Congress, declares a “war on terror.”.

  • 2000

    British MI6 Secret intelligence Service building in London attacked by unidentified group using RPG-22 anti-tank missile.

  • 1990

    South Ossetia declares its independence from Georgia in the former Soviet Union.

  • 1985

    Australia introduces a capital gains tax.

  • 1984

    Suicide car bomber attacks US embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, killing 22.

  • 1977

    Socialist Republic of Vietnam admitted to the United Nations.

  • 1973

    In a pro tennis bout dubbed “The Battle of the Sexes,” Billie Jean King beats Bobby Riggs at the Houston Astrodome in Texas.

  • 1971

    Hurricane Irene becomes the first hurricane known to cross from the Atlantic to Pacific, where it is renamed Hurricane Olivia.

  • 1967

    Kristen Johnston, actress; won two Emmy Awards as Sally Solomon in 3rd Rock from the Sun TV series.

  • 1952

    Scientists confirm that DNA holds hereditary data.

  • 1941

    Dale Chihuly, sculptor known for his unique creations in blown glass.

  • 1934

    Sofia Loren (Sofia Scicolone), first actress to win the Academy Award for Best Actress for a performance in a non-English language film (Two Women); received Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievements (1995).

  • Bruno Hauptmann arrested for the kidnapping and murder of the Lindbergh baby.

  • 1920

    Jay Ward, creator and producer of animated TV cartoons (Rocky & His Friends, renamed The Bullwinkle Show; George of the Jungle).

  • 1917

    Arnold “Red” Auerbach, second most wins basketball coach in history with 1,037 victories for the Boston Celtics.

  • 1891

    Lamine Gueye, Senegalese political leader.

  • 1885

    Ferdinand La Menthe (Jelly Roll Morton), jazz pianist, composer and singer, one of the first to orchestrate jazz music.

  • 1884

    Maxwell Perkins, editor, the first to publish F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and Thomas Wolfe.

  • 1878

    Upton Sinclair, author best known today for The Jungle.

  • 1863

    Union troops under George Thomas prevent the Union defeat at Chickamauga from becoming a rout, earning him the nickname “the Rock of Chickamauga.”

  • 1853

    The Allies defeat the Russians at the Battle of Alma on the Crimean Peninsula.

  • 1850

    The slave trade is abolished in the District of Columbia.

  • 1842

    Lord James Dewar, physician who invented the vacuum flask and cordite, the first smokeless powder.

  • 1833

    Petroleum V. Nasby (David Ross Locke), humorist whose work was enjoyed by Abraham Lincoln.

  • 1830

    The National Negro Convention convenes in Philadelphia with the purpose of abolishing slavery.

  • 1806

    Explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark pass the French village of La Charette, the first white settlement they have seen in more than two years.

  • 1784

    Packet and Daily, the first daily publication in America, appears on the streets.

  • 1604

    After a two-year siege, the Spanish retake Ostend, the Netherlands, from the Dutch.

  • 1565

    Pedro Menendez of Spain wipes out the French at Fort Caroline, in Florida.

  • 1561

    Queen Elizabeth of England signs a treaty at Hampton Court with French Huguenot leader Louis de Bourbon, the Prince of Conde. The English will occupy Le Havre in return for aiding Bourbon against the Catholics of France.

  • 1519

    Ferdinand Magellan embarks from Spain on a voyage to circumnavigate the world.

  • 1378

    The election of Robert of Geneva as anti-pope by discontented cardinals creates a great schism in the Catholic church.

  • 480

    Themistocles and his Greek fleet win one of history’s first decisive naval victories over Xerxes‘ Persian force off Salamis.