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The Pueblo Revolt: The Secret Rebellion That Drove the Spaniards Out of the Southwest (Book Review)

6/12/2006 • Book Reviews

Reviewed by Luc Nettleton
By David Roberts
Simon & Schuster, New York, 2004

The frontier fear, often exaggerated, of different Indian groups combining forces to drive away the white settlers actually came true way back in the explosive summer of 1680. The many different Pueblo villages of New Mexico were separate entities that had never acted together before. But that summer, under the direction of the leader Popé, they secretly joined forces and drove the Spaniards from the Pueblo homeland. Some 400 settlers and Spanish soldiers were killed during the lightning strike. As is often the case with people everywhere, the unity did not last. For a dozen years, the Puebloans operated without being overseen by Spanish rulers in Santa Fe. Then came the reconquest, but it is the Pueblo Revolt itself that attracts the most interest to this day.

“From the Indian point of view, the Revolt, in its complete eradication of the European oppressor from the people’s homeland for more than a decade, far outmatches in terms of lasting impact the famous massacre of Custer’s army by the Sioux and Cheyenne at Little Big Horn in 1876,” writes David Roberts in the prologue to his clearly written 279-page book. Doing the research was no easy task, considering how many Spanish records were burned during the revolt, how “fundamentally unreliable” the existing record is, and how little information could be obtained from the Pueblo point of view. Roberts states that it was not his intention to write another quasi-objective history of the revolt. What he did was travel over these old grounds, contemplating ruins and getting a feel for the land. The result is a book that is more sympathetic to the Puebloans than the Spanish religious overlords. But knowing that up front, this reader had few complaints, though one wishes there was more information about Popé, a 45-year-old shaman from San Juan Pueblo, and how he secretly hatched the plan with other shamans and war captains to free all the Pueblo villages.

Trying to explain how the Puebloans fared between 1680 and 1692 without the Spanish was perhaps a more difficult task, and despite Roberts’ best efforts, plenty of mystery still remains about the Pueblo ruling years. Even harder to gage is how many Puebloans took off to continue to live free during the Spanish reconquest, completed in 1696. Apparently the Hopis, living on the mesas of what is now Arizona, had a hand in what Roberts calls “the Puebloan diaspora.” In the end, a reader might suspect that a lot more can be learned from oral history and an insider’s view (Pueblo and Hopi) on these 17th-century happenings, but apparently secrecy still reigns in Pueblo country.

6 Responses to The Pueblo Revolt: The Secret Rebellion That Drove the Spaniards Out of the Southwest (Book Review)

  1. Ruben Salaz M. says:

    The review above is in keeping with “Tree of Hate” hispanophobia so prevalent in American historiography.
    Of the 400 or so dead, more than 300 were non-combatant women and children. This was the true essence of the Pueblo Revolt, something most writers don’t seem to find troublesome due to their Hispanophobia. Try doing valid history for a change, instead of typical cultural bias promoted as history.
    Ruben Salaz M.

  2. Allen Garcia de Noriega says:

    This was not a “Revolt.” This was a massacre of women and babies. The PC Native American liberal slant is given to this historical event in almost every accounting. The Indians did not fare well in the absence of the Spanish, in fact, the foundered to the point of starvation. They also continued to massacre each other and essentially their communities fell apart. Vargas’s return with the founding Spanish families saved the Indians from themselves. That is why it was a “Bloodless” reconquest. The Indians were so happy to have the Spanish back they welcomed them with open arms!

  3. Gail says:

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    • pat says:

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    • victor says:

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  4. Gail says:

    Allen Garcia de Noriega , Give me a break !!!! I call it self defense and standing up for your people against greed and oppression ! I would get sick of the slavery and watching those fat Spaniards living filthy rich using me to do there work!!!! I am white and I wish I was there to take a stand against the evil and greed of the Spaniards…makes me sick to my stomach !! if I had to fight or do what the natives did it would be equal justice in my eyes! raping native women etc… the abuses!!!!! Sick ! All in the supposed name of God? Give me a break!
    The native were doing fine before the Spaniards came and lived simple lives….the Spaniards on the other hand could not get enough and never satisfied..they want more and more power and possessions… this is not God’s way!!!!! If they welcomed the Spaniards back it was out of being desperate..after all the Spaniards destroyed their way of life and it was hard to get it back….what choice was left to survive? I cannot type here what I think of greedy humans who think they can take something not theirs by force and power and mistreat others…. especially in the name of God!!!! You are a twisted human and have very little understanding of what it must have been like for the Pueblos to have their lives torn apart, to be slaves to the greedy, to have women raped and their people abused by the greedy humans..So put yourself in the pueblo peoples shoes before you make such wicked and arrogant statements… Makes me sick to be a white person when I see statements like yours!!! Search your soul!! get some Jesus in your heart!!!! Other people have the right to live in peace and freedom with out having their way of life threatened by white greedy folks… I would ratter live like a Pueblo than like a rich greedy white man any day… Jesus says to lay up your treasures in heaven not on earth!!! White man destroys the earth and the environment in the so called name of progress? What is the purpose of progress when we won’t have an earth to live on….disease, wars, natural disasters etc… pollution ! White man is not as smart as he thinks he is… pure selfish arrogance…The higher you climb the harder you fall!! remember that when you boast of what white people have done!

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