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    Weapons Check | The Fireship

    Fireships were vessels that, when filled with combustibles or explosives, could be floated or blown into enemy ships to disable or destroy them. In the age of sail, fireships could wreak their flaming havoc with terrifying rapidity. They...

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    Weapons Check | Walther P-38

    The Walther P-38 arguably supplants even the infamous Luger P.08 as the definitive German pistol of the 20th century. Its development began in the early 1930s, when a cash-strapped German army looked to replace the elegant but expensive...

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    Weapons Check | Martini-Henry Rifle

    The Martini-Henry has always been associated with British imperialism...

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    Weapons Check | Anti-Zeppelin Dart

    On the night of January 19, 1915, two German Zeppelin airships ponderously dropped their small bomb-loads on Great Yarmouth and King’s Lynn on the eastern coast of England, beginning what was, in effect, the first sustained strategic...