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First Manassas

  • America's Civil War

    Worthy Successor

    Southerners were sure J.E.B. Stuart’s death was catastrophic. At Haw’s Shop, Wade Hampton rekindled their optimism ...

  • Civil War Times Magazine

    First View of First Manassas

    A Virginia cavalryman’s evocative letter to his wife served as the initial portal for thousands of Southerners into the war’s first major battle. Few men in those first heady days of 1861 exemplified the ideal of the Southern cavalier...


    Interview with Brandon Bies: New Man at Manassas

    Brandon Bies, the new superintendent of Manassas National Battlefield Park, began his career as an archaeologist 16 years ago at Monocacy National Battlefield. He moved on to increasing levels of responsibility at a number of NPS sites,...


    Confederate Con Artist

    A mysterious woman of many names and dubious merit became a southern media celebrity. For 140 years, historians have puzzled over a book published in 1876 titled The Woman in Battle, the memoir of a woman calling herself Loreta Velasquez,...