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  • Wild West Magazine

    Ghost Towns: Mystic, South Dakota

    Strewn across the evergreen-studded slopes of the Black Hills are the crumbling remains of gold mining activity—mills, shafts, dredges, sluices, flumes, cyanide pits, assay houses and even a few schools and saloons. In Mystic, on a...

  • Civil War Times Magazine

    Ural on URLs US Dakota War

    In August 1862, Americans from New York City to Union-occupied New Orleans watched as Robert E. Lee’s Confederates moved against Union General John Pope’s Army of Virginia. Many were unaware of a boiling cauldron far to their north in...

  • Wild West Magazine

    October 2017 Readers’ Letters

    Readers share dispatches about Pembina, N.D., early revolvers and Sitting Bull...


    Out West

    The importance, or lack thereof, of the various western theaters of war The West has achieved new prominence in recent literature on the Civil War and Reconstruction. Some authors believe that the war, post-Appomattox events, and the West...