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  • World War II Magazine

    At the Mercy of the Enemy

    To ensure that the guns fell silent when they were supposed to and that the killing stopped, a squadron of GIs was led deep behind enemy lines in Czechoslovakia by a German officer. The 40 men of B Troop, 23rd Reconnaissance Squadron, 16th...

  • Military History Magazine

    Zizka’s Zeal

    The wily one-eyed general who invented tank warfare—500 years ago. You’re a knight. Your armor is not shining—it’s rusty, dented and foul-smelling—but you’re one tough character. You’re a Teuton crusader who has marched the...

  • MHQ Magazine

    The Battle for Baikal

    In 1918 the Czecho-Slovak Legion found itself fighting the Red Army in Siberia for control of the world’s deepest lake.   ONE OF THE MOST SPECTACULAR YET LITTLE-KNOWN stories of World War I and the Russian Revolution is the...