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Arlington House

  • Military History Magazine

    Hallowed Ground: Arlington, Virginia

    By the time the sun darts across the Potomac River and casts Arlington House, the old Custis-Lee Mansion, in pink morning light, someone has already raised the flag on the hilltop to half-staff, signaling the start of another day at...

  • Civil War Times Magazine

    Eye on Arlington

    Robert E. Lee’s estate is getting a thorough makeover. Brandon Bies, the new site manager for Arlington House, Robert E. Lee’s antebellum estate, is leading a tour of the mansion and grounds. Without breaking stride, he points to a...

  • Civil War Times Magazine

    Taking Back Arlington

    Robert E. Lee’s son Custis beat the federal government and reclaimed the family home. Arligton National Cemetery is one of America’s most famous historic sites. Resting directly across the Potomac River from the National Mall, it is a...


    Interview with Brandon Bies: New Man at Manassas

    Brandon Bies, the new superintendent of Manassas National Battlefield Park, began his career as an archaeologist 16 years ago at Monocacy National Battlefield. He moved on to increasing levels of responsibility at a number of NPS sites,...