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  • World War II Magazine

    WWII Book Review: After the Reich

    After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation By Giles MacDonogh. 618 pp. Basic Books, 2007. $32. Many of you won’t like this book, but that’s all the more reason to read it. After the Reich casts a dark shadow over the...

  • MHQ Magazine

    The Champagne Campaign

    The meticulously planned invasion of southern France and the unassuming commander who led it were largely overlooked in the wake of the Normandy landings. Operation Anvil, the Allied invasion of southern France during the summer of 1944,...

  • MHQ Magazine

    D-Day Through a German Lens

    As the Allies prepared for the Normandy invasion, what was the enemy thinking? We’ve all had the unhappy experience: the guests who wouldn’t leave. They show up unexpectedly and you scramble to respond, whipping together whatever food...