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Cover Story
Dead in the Water
The Battle of the Atlantic turned when Allied scientists joined the hunt for U-boats
By Stephen Budiansky

The Mesmerizing Mr. Sorge
How a German in Japan who spied for the Soviets became the most influential spy of World War II
By Stuart D. Goldman

WASP’s Eye View
Rare color photographs by pilot Lillian Yonally, one of the few American women to fly military aircraft during the war

Triumph on Bataan
At a place that evokes loss, America forged an unlikely victory
By John D. Lukacs

Weapons Manual
The Mk.2 Hand Grenade
The iconic pineapple proved invaluable as U.S. Army troops swept through the Reich
By Max Gadney

The Other Dunkirk
It was up to British general Archie Beauan to save the labor troops and equipment left behind in occupied France
By Tim Lynch



World War II Today

Zhukov speaks candidly; Ben Macintyre’s Reading List; the Black Baron’s nemesis

War Letters

A Jewish medic reflects on treating wounded Nazis
By Andrew Carroll


A first-person story of survival as a prisoner of the Japanese
By Gene Santoro

Unknown Soldiers

An American doc in Paris
By Stephen Budiansky

Time Travel
Potsdam, Germany
By Gene Santoro

Deathride by John Mosier; Making History II: The World at War video game

What If…
…Hitler had not killed himself?
By Mark Grimsley


Revisiting the River Kwai