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The Incredible Jeep
Indomitable and endearing, it was the GI’s best friend
By Ronald H. Bailey

Pulverizing Pantelleria
Ike’s plan to conquer Italy in 1943 hinged on a bold bombing campaign
By Lawrence Spinetta

In the Company of Ghosts
A Bataan Death March survivor endured the horrors of life in captivity
By Michael Norman and Elizabeth M. Norman

Out of Harm’s Way
On the brink of war, museums painstakingly safeguarded their art
By Robert M. Edsel

Cover Story
America’s Wolf Packs
U.S. Navy subs seized on the Nazi tactic to crush the Japanese
By Steven Trent Smith

Weapons Manual
Flak Fills the Skies of Europe
German antiaircraft guns dealt a blow to Allied men, planes, and morale
By Max Gadney


‘Faithful as a dog, strong as a mule
A photo slideshow of the mighty jeep and the GIs who loved it



World War II Today

FDR’s compassion for Jews; the other Pearl Harbor tragedy; Quentin Tarantino’s reading list

War Letters
An army nurse lived to tell about a deadly attack on her hospital ship
By Andrew Carroll

Novelist Jeff Shaara delves into the hearts and minds of his World War II characters
By Gene Santoro

Unknown Soldiers
An SOE agent wreaked havoc on the Nazis in France
By Stephen Budiansky

Time Travel
Nanjing confronts its cruel occupation by the Japanese
By Mark D. Van Ells

What If…
…FDR had not run for a third term?
By Mark Grimsley

A sympathetic portrait of LeMay; Chamberlain in Munich; a deadly female spy

Strange doings on the beach