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The Other Richthofen

By James S. Corum
The Red Baron’s cousin, Wolfram, was the brilliant mind behind the world’s most lethal air force

Capture the Castle
By Stephen Harding
Americans and Germans joined forces in one of the war’s last—and most unusual—battles

War Games

FA collection of childish pastimes has a chilling side

Lessons in Democracy
By Ronald H. Bailey
Before the United States sent German POWs back home, it sent them back to school

Hell and High Water
By Sam Moses
The adventures of innovative, daring, and deadly submarine commander Eugene Fluckey

The Fearsome, Flawed Tiger I

By Max Gadney
Once thought invincible, the German tank was done in by its own design


World War II Today
‘I shot down Saint-Exupéry’; most-wanted Nazis; infantryman Rodger Young

War Letters
An anonymous letter wryly prepares soldiers for the life awaiting them back home
Andrew Carroll

Time Travel
The isolated desert air base that trained thousands of bomber crews, including the Enola Gay’s
Stephen Budiansky

Unknown Soldiers
He was a former pornographer who conned a president
Stephen Budiansky


Writer Alex Kershaw on an escape from a sunken sub
Gene Santoro

Controversial histories by Nicholson Baker and Patrick J. Buchanan; foreign language film The Counterfeiters

What If…
…the Japanese high command had refused to surrender?

If they’re not giant tubas on wheels, what are they?