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The MacArthur No One Knew
By Richard B. Frank
He was brilliant, self-promoting, and lifted almost all of his best ideas from others.

J. E. B. Stuart, Soviet Cavalry Guru
By Gervase Phillips
Using tactics as old as the American Civil War, Russian horsemen ran rings around the Nazi invaders.

An Indelible Portrait of War
With only a $5 camera, Michael Di Maio created a vivid, personal image of the war in Europe.

Smart Bombs Ahead of Their Time
By Richard P. Hallion
The Luftwaffe scored deadly hits with a precision unrivaled for half a century.

The Story of Two Japanese Americans Who Fought in World War II
By Gene Santoro
Warren Tsuneishi and Norman Ikari epitomize the 33,000 Japanese Americans who served their country during World War II.

Commando Knives
By Max Gadney
British and American special forces perfect the ungentlemanly art of silent killing.


WWII Today
A fight over Soviet war memorials turns ugly; Holocaust files opened; glorifying kamikazes; Hitler’s moustache.

Conversation with Ken Burns
The filmmaker discusses his new documentary, The War.

Unknown Soldiers
The man who invented the Luftwaffe.
By Stephen Budiansky

Time Travel
When the beaches of Northumberland stood ready to repel the Nazis
By Sandy Hunter

War Letters
A downed navigator flees for his life behind enemy lines.
By Andrew Carroll

Battle of the Bulge; Curtis LeMay; Amsterdam museums

What are those gizmos on the beach?

What If
…Japan hadn’t attacked Pearl Harbor?
By Mark Grimsley

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Interview with World War II Eighth Air Force’s 379th Bomb Group Member Robert Felgar

Operation Barbarossa: Albano Castelletto Recalls His Time with the Voloire Regiment on the Russain Front