Life and Death on a Recon Patrol
By Tom Corpora
Two veteran LRRPs, each with only six days left in Vietnam, were tapped for one last mission, taking them deep into enemy territory

Moshe Dayan Sounds the Alarm in Vietnam
By Marc Leepson

On a 1966 tour of Vietnam, the “Hero of the Sinai” came to some stunning conclusions about the
United States’ war strategy

Taking on Tanks at Kontum
By Thomas P. McKenna

Only a desperately thin line of defense against a fierce tank-led NVA assault–and the brand new TOW anti-tank missile–stood in the way of a likely defeat of South Vietnam in the spring of 1972

Operation Bent Penny  – Working Undercover for 1971 May Day Protest
By Charles H. Lutz
A military intelligence officer in Vietnam turned drug enforcement agent sheds light on President Richard Nixon’s secret plan to shut down 1971 May Day antiwar demonstrations in Washington, D.C.

A Sardonic Slant on MACV
By David T. Zabecki
George Finley, who was already an adroit caricaturist when he went to Vietnam in 1966 for a year as a Military Assistance Command Vietnam (MACV) adviser, came home and documented his tour with a lighthearted, yet often very poignant, series of sketches


Letter from Readers


Arsenal The USS Grayback: The secret submarine landing craft

Interview  Dr. Ronald Glasser: Who really pays the price of war?

Homefront What was happening back in the USA in September/October ’68

My War  James O. Finnegan, Lt. Cmdr., M.D., USNR

Letter from Vietnam magazine


What It Is Like to Go to War, by Karl Marlantes

Dusterman: Vietnam, Story of the Last Great Gunfighters, by Joseph M. Belardo Sr.

Vietnam Infantry Tactics, by Gordon L. Rottman

Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War, 2nd Edition, ed. by Spencer C. Tucker

Offerings Left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial