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The 9 Incredibles
What makes a Supreme Court justice great? Each member of our historical dream team was a bold thinker who wouldn’t pass today’s political litmus tests
by Jonathan Turley

Comrade Khrushchev’s American Road Trip
Fifty years ago, our No. 1 enemy made a manic cross-country tour and discovered the U.S. is a wild and wacky place
by Peter Carlson

Lincoln Chronicles: Dark Night of the Soul
Lincoln gets religion as the war’s end game and the prospect of losing his bid for re-election test his faith in democracy
by H.W. Brands

Monticello: The House of the Future
Thomas Jefferson designed a home that embodied revolutionary ideas architects would eventually take for granted
by Jack McClintock

So Long, Pontiac
We bid a fond farewell to the original muscle car as General Motors pulls the plug on a venerable American brand
by Jamie Kitman



Letter From American History

Digital Dolley Madison; New Deal recipes; seafaring tattoos; and more

Economic oracle Robert Shiller on predicting and escaping the crash

The First
Cash crop: How tobacco made fortunes for some and slaves out of others

Books the President Should Read
What can we do about Mexico?

Bat Masterson versus Benjamin Cardozo

An intimate examination of George Washington’s legendary false teeth

John James Audubon’s rapturous impressions of a North Atlantic iceberg

The Big Picture
Lock Up, U.S.A.: A startling statistical rap sheet on our prison system

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Vanderbilt bios; new Ken Burns TV epic; and more

Save This Old Barn
A 19th-century pine beauty in Illinois could be yours for a buck