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Cover Story
Hit the Beach!

By Colonel Joseph H. Alexander
The U.S. Marines drew on the disastrous 1915 landings at Gallipoli to write the book on amphibious warfare

Last of the Vikings
By Brendan Manley
In 1066 Harold II raced to meet Norse invaders at Stamford Bridge

Tactical Genius, Strategic Fool
By Williamson Murray
Erich Ludendorff’s obsessive militarism left Germany in ruins

Portfolio: Da Vinci’s Deadly Devices
The Renaissance master was also a visionary military architect and engineer

The Warm-up War
By Martin Dugard
U.S. officers united in Mexico, only to face off during the Civil War

The Merchants of Menace
By Stephan Wilkinson
Germany’s merchant raiders were maritime masters of disguise


Letter from the Editor


What We Learned…
from the Teutoburg Forest

Thomas Allen: Military Secrets Revealed at Last

Desmond Doss: Wonder Man of Okinawa

Hand Tool
Mills bomb


Power Tool
Congreve rocket


Hallowed Ground
Kall Trail, Germany

War Games

Weapons We’re Glad They Never Built
J.E.B. Stuart’s Buckshot Beans


Operation Avalanche: Assault on Salerno
The Last Norman Invasion
Mexican War: The Proving Ground


How would the history of England have been altered if Harald Sigurdsson had won at Stamford Bridge and gone on to confront William II, Duke of Normandy?