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Table of Contents – October 2008 Civil War Times

8/27/2008 • CWT Issues

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Stumbling in Sherman’s Path
by Noah Andre Trudeau
Confederate troops had numerous opportunities to stop, or at least delay, the March to the Sea, but they repeatedly botched the job

‘I Saw Him First in Lexington Va.’
By Mary Roy Dawson Edwards
A rare letter by a friend of “Stonewall” Jackson who was with him from VMI to Manassas

Walt Whitman’s Calling Card
By Chris Ballou Lillie
Family connections to the war are revealed by a faded photo

Before the Storm
Paintings and drawings of Richmond and Washington on the eve of the Civil War

At War With the Press
By Ernest P. Furgurson
Angry General George Meade stuck a reporter on a mule and had him run out of camp

In His Father’s Shadow
By Jason Emerson
Why does Robert Todd Lincoln have such a sour reputation?

Mail Call
Was “Dr.” Francis Tumblety really Jack the Ripper? Plus Southern Unionists, New York graves for Confederates

Civil War Today
Cedar Creek debacle, Fort Monroe at risk, Florida blockade runner located, controversial Jeff Davis memorials, tragic cannonball casualty
Edited by Linda Wheeler

Jason Phillips and Aaron Sheehan-Dean talk about diehard Rebels, slavery and glorifying the war
By Peter S. Carmichael

Field Guide
Lower Shenandoah Valley 1862 sites

Letter From Civil War Times

Finally—a J.E.B. Stuart bio based on comprehensive research

Author Web sites, March to the Sea commemorations and more on Walt Whitman

Rank & File
Armies moved to the beat of their drummers


The version of Clement Daniels Fisburne’s letter to D. P. Barringer that appears online in the link from ‘I Saw him First in Lexington, Va.’ (above) is the full version of this recently discovered letter, with expanded commentary by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards.


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