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A Young Marine at Tulagi
By Nick Cariello
A nineteen year old confronts fear, death, and manhood on a hostile shore in the Pacific.

Who Really Won the War?
By Norman Davies
Soviet sacrifice and Soviet criminality are the unspoken truths about World War II.

Behind the Wire at Stalag Luft III
Escape plans, bad food, and POW humor are recalled in a unique archive of photos and artifacts.

Market Garden Reconsidered
By Lloyd Clark
A British historian argues that the infamous failure wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Gunners at Arnhem
By Thomas G. Bradbeer
The heroism of a little-known artillery unit staved off an even greater debacle.

By Max Gadney
Against troops sheltering in bunkers, they were grisly and terrifying.


WWII Today
Flags of Iwo Jima; P-38 “Glacier Girl” flies again; the secrets of Devil’s Mountain; dogs of war; submarine legend “Lucky Fluckey”

Conversation with T. Michael Moseley
The air force chief of staff on enduring lessons of World War II

Unknown Soldiers
A scientific sleuth of the Nazi A-bomb
By Stephen Budiansky

Time Travel
Where Rosie the Riveter— and Wendy the Welder—built the ships that changed America
By William J. Cook

War Letters
A combat nurse’s exhuasting sorrows, unexpected joys
By Andrew Carroll

The myth of Guderian; Anzio; inside the minds of Hitler, Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin

Why are those tanks riding piggyback?

What If
…Hitler had won World War II?
By Mark Grimsley

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