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Cover Story
Yanks in the Royal Air Force
A few Americans helped win the Battle of Britain
By Alexander Kershaw

Russia’s Ice Road Truckers
A deadly route kept Leningrad alive during the 900-day siege
Steven Trent Smith


Waiting in the Wings
A look at the hidden treasures in the National World War II Museum archives

“What the Hell?”
The U.S. Navy’s top-secret mission to check the weather and stir up trouble in China
By Linda Kush

Weapons Manual
The Me 262 Jet Fighter
The world’s first combat jet fighter was deadly, but too little, too late for Germany
By Max Gadney

The Bridge to the Beach
Andrew Higgins’s brilliant watercraft was based on a Japanese design
By Robert Coram



World War II Today
Stalin’s invasion of Virginia
Peter Mansoor’s Reading List
Hawaii’s bomb trouble

Tracing the wartime roots of a human-skin lampshade
By Gene Santoro

War Letters

A Dresdener recounts the horror of the firebombing
By Andrew Carroll

Unknown Soldiers

Bazooka Ed
By Stephen Budiansky

Time Travel
Hammerfest, Norway
By Susan Zimmerman

Manstein Biographies
Escape from Davao
Storm over the Pacific computer game

What If…
…the Allies had not broken German naval code?
By Mark Grimsley


A bird that spits fire