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Mitchell’s Masterpiece
By Nicholas O’Dell
To the British, Supermarine designer Reginald Mitchell’s Spitfire was much more than a machine; it was an icon.

By John J. Geoghegan
The Pan American flying boat Hawaii Clipper disappeared without a trace during a transpacific voyage in 1938.

The Eagle of Lille
By Don Hollway
A feared leader of the “Fokker Scourge,” Max Immelmann “lost his life by a silly chance,” lamented fellow ace Oswald Boelcke.

Ploesti: The Rest of the Story
By Barrett Tillman
The sustained effort to cut off Hitler’s Balkan oil supply cost hundreds of American and British lives and aircraft.

Blowup at the Covey Bomb Dump
By Thomas R. Yarborough
What started out as a routine patrol resulted in a 10-day battle over one of Southeast Asia’s most heavily defended targets.

Seven Down in Greenland
By Stephan Wilkinson
A forced landing in Greenland snowballed into a costly search-and-rescue effort during World War II.

Mailbag Briefing

By Martin A. Bartels
Solar Impulse points the way to the future.

By Edward H. Phillips
The Kansas Aviation Museum’s Stearman 4D is ready for display.

Letter From Aviation HistoryAviators
By Jane Eppinga
American Ben Leider volunteered to fight facism in Spain.Flight Test
By Jon GuttmanReviews 



The federal budget sequestration has resulted in cutbacks to military training flights and performances by demo teams at airshows. Should funding for these flights be restored, and if so, where should it come from?