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Special Report:
Vanishing Eyewitnesses

What is Lost
What happens to history when those who lived it are gone?
By Rick Atkinson

‘My Bit of History’
Six veterans tell their war stories

Changing Places
The ebb of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, in photographs
By Stanley Greenberg

Horse Tale
How Patton—and a strange cast of Germans, Poles, and Czechs—saved the prized Lipizzaners in the last days of the war
By Karen Jensen

Revisiting the Venlo Incident
Nazis snatched two bumbling British spies in 1939, smashing an entire MI6 network
By Nigel Jones

Weapons Manual
The Doughty Spitfire
Britain’s famed fighter saved that nation in 1940, but was overtaken by superior American planes
By Max Gadney


Lost and Found
World War II readers share their loved ones’ memories of the war



World War II Today
The Mexican Air Force finally gets its due; Gerhard Weinberg’s reading list; Churchill’s war rooms were unsafe; endangered World War II sites

War Letters
A B-17 crew details a pilot’s last bombing run for his widow
By Andrew Carroll

Antony Beevor finds there is more to say about D-Day and Normandy
By Gene Santoro

Unknown Soldiers
An army doctor figures out a stopgap cure for shell-shocked troops
By Stephen Budiansky

Time Travel
A son retraces his father’s 1943 path through Sicily
By Gene Santoro

What If…
…Ike had pushed through to take Berlin before the Russians did?
By Mark Grimsley

American subs unleashed; the battle for Norway; Tarantino’s Basterds

WWII goes sci-fi