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Churchill’s Secret Army
By Stephen Budiansky
A clandestine guerrilla force trained to carry out missions of terror and sabotage lay in wait for a Nazi invasion of Britain

Cover Story
The End of the ‘Good War’

By Robert R. Mackey
As the war ground to a close in Germany, GIs came face to face with brutal resistance and Nazi atrocities. Some of them snapped

The Science of Subterfuge

A collection of inventive and deadly spy gadgets

Babe in Arms
By Wilhelm Gehlen and Don Gregory
On June 14, 1919, two British airmen took off from Newfoundland in an open-cockpit biplane. Their goal: the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, nonstop.

Rocket Dreaming
By Richard P. Hallion
As aircraft designers learned the hard way, rocket engines were not remotely suited to fighter planes

Weapons Manual
More Speed, Bigger Guns

By Max Gadney
Allied and German planes became faster and deadlier over the course of the war


World War II Today
The search for a lost marine patrol; Hitler’s library; nurses at Anzio

Efraim Zuroff on tracking down—and prosecuting—living Nazi war criminals
By Stephen Harding

War Letters
A young seaman confronts a daunting challenge: writing a love letter
By Andrew Carroll

Time Travel
Little remains of World War II Warsaw; what does packs a punch
By Peter Bennett

Unknown Soldiers
The breakthrough achievements of an accidental code breaker
By Stephen Budiansky

The decision to build and use the bomb; the siege of Leningrad; kamikaze film

What If…
…Germany had invaded England?
By Mark Grimsley

Nice cottages; great river view. But what do they have to do with the war?