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How Patton Outfoxed the Germans
By David T. Zabecki
Credit superb intel and brilliant staff work.

Mud and Mayhem on Okinawa
By Bill Sloan
In a fight that broke all the rules, 2,662 marines were killed and wounded taking a single hill.

Battle of the Bismarck Sea
By Lawrence Spinetta
A daring face-off between air and sea power sealed Japan’s fate in the South Pacific.

Preview of Total War
Propaganda posters from the Spanish civil war foreshadow the world’s plunge into Armageddon.

The Weapon GIs Hated Worst
By James S. Corum
The German 88mm was rightly called the “anti-everything” gun.

The Assault Rifle
By Max Gadney
To make the first practical automatic rifle, German developers first had to fool the führer.


WWII Today
Secret tapes reveal German generals knew of the Holocaust; honoring Port Chicago; Hitler’s favorite tunes; Laurence Olivier, secret agent

Conversation with Rick Atkinson
The Pulitzer-winning author on the U.S. Army’s blooding in Italy

Unknown Soldiers
A scientific sleuth of the Nazi A-bomb
By Stephen Budiansky

Time Travel
Berlin’s Nazi past, hidden in plain view
By Peter Bennett

War Letters
A death far from the field of battle
By Andrew CarrollReviews
Rethinking Midway; the race for the jet plane; Leni Riefenstahl exposed

Who’s doing the flying here?

What If
…Britain had made peace with Hitler?
By Mark Grimsley

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