Table of Contents - November 2007 - British Heritage | HistoryNet

Table of Contents – November 2007 – British Heritage

8/24/2007 • BH Issues, Margaret Thatcher

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Treasures and Surprises at Burghley House
By Dana Huntley
England’s grandest Elizabethan mansion still rocks!

The Honours of Scotland
By David McLaughlin
The extraordinary story of Scotland’s Royal Regalia.

Margaret Thatcher: Iron Lady
By Siân Ellis
How Margaret Thatcher shook up Britain.

Home From Home in London
By Jennifer Dorn
Try a flat rental next time instead of a hotel.

The Royal Shakespeare Company: Still Playing The Part
By Jennifer Dorn
The venerable RSC gets a new lease on life.

A Day to Visit Brighton
By Claire Hopley
By the beautiful sea in Britain’s first seaside resort.

From John Barleycorn to Hydropower
By James Russell
Adapting ancient watermills to the 21st century.


Dateline: Britain

Our Sceptered Isle
with Dana Huntley

Around Town
with Sandra Lawrence

Letter From British Heritage

Hands Across the Sea
Pilgrim Fathers UK Association

Beyond the Bookshelf

Great British Heroes
Vera Lynn

Last Orders, Please!


Bede: England’s First Great Historian

Henry VII

Owain Glyndwr’s Fight for Wales

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