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West Versus East
By Steven E. Woodworth
Gettysburg and the Eastern theater have gotten most of the publicity, but the Western theater is where the Union defeated the Confederacy and won the Civil War..

How the Union Won the West
Exclusive two-page map of the vast Western theater.

Grenade!: The Little-Known Weapon of the Civil War
By Joseph G. Bilby
Whether improvised or manufactured, explosives tossed by hand proved effective for soldiers and sailors in close combat.

Blockade in Name Only
By Jack K. Trammell
The Union’s weak wartime blockade was a source of constant embarrassment for the Lincoln administration.

In the Footsteps of Grant and Lee
A dozen fights raged across the beautiful landscapes of central Virginia in the Overland campaign of 1864.

Abraham Lincoln Slept Here
By Nicholas Wineriter
What’s a tired chief executive to do when he’s stuck in Washington’s saunalike heat?


Open Fire!
Civil War News and History

By Thomas P. Lowry
The spurned lover of John Wilkes Booth narrowly missed changing the course of history.

Letter From America’s Civil War


Corporal G.W. Stone of the 12th Massachusetts Infantry thought he was recovering, but the ball lodged in his skull killed him two months later.


Photo Gallery: Rebel and Federal Common Soldiers

America’s Civil War: Digging to Victory at Vicksburg

America’s Civil War: Horses and Field Artillery