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The Natural
By Barrett Tillman
Many consider first-ever U.S. Marine Corps ace Marion E. Carl the greatest Marine aviator of all time.

The Other Cactus Air Force
By Lawrence Spinetta
Flying B-17s and outdated Airacobras, U.S. Army Air Forces airmen played an important role in defending Guadalcanal.

Drafting Table Aces
By Stephan Wilkinson
These nine all-but-forgotten designers were responsible for some of the most significant aircraft in aviation history.

Pearl Harbor Payback
By Thomas McKelvey Cleaver
Dive bomber pilot John Bridgers headed a massive air assault on the Japanese fleet during the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

Forgotten Transatlantic Odyssey
By Derek O’Connor
Two Portuguese airmen set out from Lisbon in 1922, hoping to complete the first east-west transatlantic flight by an airplane.

Cougar on the Loose
By Craig A. Thorson
How a U.S. Navy wingman managed to “steer” a pilotless F9F-6 out to sea and away from crowded San Diego.

By Richard Bruce
The Ryan Vertiplane used blown
flaps for near-vertical takeoffs.

By Herb Fisher Jr.
A routine check flight in a C-46 Commando turned into a seven-
hour ordeal.

By Jon Guttman
A Hawker Hurricane earns
puzzled looks with its Finnish
air force markings.Letter From Aviation HistoryReviewsFlight Test
By Jon Guttman

Aero Poster



As the number and quality of potentially restorable warbirds dwindles, the debate over historical authenticity continues. Does it matter if a restored airplane contains mostly remanufactured parts, and at what point does it deserve to be called a “replica”?