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Cat Tales
By Stephan Wilkinson
Consolidated’s PBY Catalina is the most successful flying boat ever built.

Death by P-38
By Don Hollway
The aerial assassination of Admiral Yamamoto dealt a huge blow to Japanese morale.

‘Unstart’ Over Murmansk
By Thomas McKelvey Cleaver
When an SR-71’s engines shut down during a Soviet recon, backseater Curt Osterheld recalled, “It was like we hit a wall.”

Flight of the Wellesleys 
By Derek O’Connor
Three RAF bombers set out to break a nonstop distance record in 1938.

Superforts vs. MiGs
By Warren E. Thompson
In Korea B-29s undertook an unprecedented new mission for heavy bombers: close-in interdiction and air support.

‘Patton in a P-51’
By Michael D. Hull
Flying Spitfires, P-47s and P-51s, Don Blakeslee made the “Fighting 4th” one of Europe’s finest combat air groups.



By John Guttman
The HV-2A could transition from
fixed-wing to rotary-wing flight.

By Andy Saunders
A rare early Spitfire Mark I returns
to the air.

By Mark Carlson
For Helldiver pilot “Griff” Griffin, no
mission was too risky.


Letter From Aviation History

By Dick Smith
Build your own Catalina.

Flight Test 
By Jon Guttman

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Aero Poster
Vintage 1944 poster by aviation
artist William Heaslip.



The April 1943 mission to intercept and kill Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, architect of the Pearl Harbor attack, set a military precedent. Do you think it is acceptable to specifically target military leaders like Yamamoto for assassination? Share your comments.