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The Beast turned loose in New Orleans

Benjamin Butler fed starving Southerners and prevented
the spread of deadly disease, but nobody remembers that.
By Alan G. Gauthreaux

Crescent City captured
A New York officer’s personal photo album offers a glimpse at the Union’s version of Occupy New Orleans.

Beauregard’s rude awakening at Shiloh
Victory seemed certain on Saturday night. On Sunday, the Rebels learned why you can’t take things for granted.
By Winston Groom

7 Days that made Robert E. Lee an icon
But for Joseph E. Johnston’s injury, the South’s most famous general might never have made a name for himself.
By Christine M. Kreiser

Inventing military dog tags
These conscientious soldiers were determined
to avoid being buried in a tomb of unknowns.
By David McCormick

A surprise visit from Morgan’s Raiders
Thomas Lewis had managed to avoid the war—until the night the war invaded his own farm.
By Joe Johnston


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