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Shock, Awe and a Colossal Failure
The idea for the Crater was pure genius. Sometimes good ideas go bad.
By Jeffrey Maciejewski

Partisan, Terrorist, Soldier, Spy
A subversive by any other name would smell as foul.
By Ron Soodalter

Notes from the Underground
A boarding pass for the Underground Railroad could be a ticket to freedom.
By Robert B. Mitchell

Fightin’ Joe
The South’s least likely cavalry commander rides to Bragg’s rescue.
By Edward G. Longacre

Brooklyn’s War
Towering monuments and antebellum buildings recall an epic struggle.
By Patricia Curtis



Open Fire!
Civil War news and history

5 Questions
Gunsmithing is a family affair

Weapons of mass destruction, Southern style

The Gathering Storm
Long before the armies faced each other on the field, bloodletting began in the U.S. Senate

A Civil War Chronology

New perspectives on J.B. Magruder, Lincoln in Washington times two, all but quiet on the Western front

Don’t stand shoulder-to-shoulder with this guy